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“I” meets the Little Prince from Planet BB-88, who is pressed for time as he goes on a quest to protect the only rose on his planet from getting eaten up by a goat. The two then embark on an adventure to find a solution in keeping the Little Prince's rose safe. Will the Little Prince find a solution on time, or will he go back and risk losing the only rose on his planet?

This production contains 2 different Director's concepts.

Director's Concept (Group A)

This production is set in the modern day where “I” finds himself at a point in life where he questions the world he lives in after reflecting on his years growing up. Amidst this dilemma, he meets the Prince, who takes him on an adventurous journey in aid of finding a solution to the Prince’s problem. Through their journey, they meet various characters that challenges the dynamics between adulthood and childhood.

The play will emphasize on the sharp contrast between child-like traits and adult life thinking.

Director's Concept (Group B)

The Little Prince & “I” need to find a solution on how to protect a rose from being eaten by a goat. Through the action of the play, they encounter people from different backgrounds and personalities and even outlook on life.

Everyone is different in their own ways, like the roses. This play touches on the importance of looking at everybody’s differences and specialties before judging one another. Being positive means finding the differences in people than comparing everyone to be the same. Abstract designs and style will be explored in this play to create a representative setting of imagination in the play.

Show Timings: 6:30PM || 8:00PM
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Thu Aug 10, 2017
6:30 PM - 7:10 PM SGT
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Republic Polytechnic TRCC Theatre
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Republic Polytechnic TRCC Singapore
Take Bus 169 from Woodlands Interchange. Drop off at the bus stop at Republic Polytechnic.
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